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About Foreclosures

Foreclosure     |     the process by which mortgaged property enters into the possession of the mortgagee (the bank) without right of redemption by the mortgagor (property owner), usually for reason of delinquency in mortgage payments.

We can help you successfully navigate all the challenges that “foreclosures” present to both sellers and buyers. If you are a seller facing foreclosure, we can assist you in contacting a certified home counselor who will inform you of your options. Please contact our office if you would like additional information on certified home counselors and how they may be able to help your current situation.

If you are a buyer specifically looking for pre-foreclosures (short sales), or foreclosed properties (REO/ Banked Owned Properties) we can assist you in finding these distressed properties. We actively participate in the HomeSteps® HomeBase, membership network that specifically sells FreddieMac® REO (Real Estate Owned) properties to our buyers in Lancaster County. If you are interested in taking advantage of this membership network, or similar distressed properties, contact us today at 717-393-5555.

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